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The Power of Efficiency: Targeted Methods for Social Media Exposure

2017-07-24T12:38:54+00:00 By |Search Engine Optimisation, SEO, Social Media|

Social media isn’t a novel concept nor is it an untapped resource. Riddle me this though, why are there still companies either not leveraging this marketing resource (shame on them) or not utilising these resources effectively (just as unforgivable)? I mean, lets be honest, marketing through these products is easy. Simply create an account representing [...]

Create value with targeted video content

2017-07-24T12:16:23+00:00 By |Videos|

Video content has morphed into a media of boundless possibilities all targeting one thing: personalised customer content. As markets changed and technology grew, the use of these products has grown exponentially. Companies no longer simply advertise products in short clips. The approach now is to deliver as much visual content as possible but focused on [...]

Addictive Videos And Taming Snapchat

2017-07-24T12:16:23+00:00 By |Videos|

Creating online videos has become a critical segment of digital marketing and fairly inexpensive as well. A formerly specialised and rather complicated process has been altered into a simple practice. Put frankly, human beings are attracted to visual appeal and relate very well to moments captured within videos. Enter Snapchat and the uncharacteristic, yet unsurprising, [...]

Tips for a recognisable logo

2015-11-16T11:41:46+00:00 By |Logo Design|

In an age where the average user visits a website for less than a minute, time is of the essence to impart a lasting impression and defeat arguably the number one killer of companies: obscurity. Designing the “right” logo for a business is not a novel concept but executed properly, this facet of your marketing [...]