Exhibitions are one of many methods in promoting a business where the intent is typically to increase facetime with potential consumers and further establish a brand in the market. Put a little extra effort into the planning stages for these types of events by following the suggested tips below and reap the rewards!

Strategise before you pull the trigger.

What is the goal of this exhibition? Is the intent to further establish company branding, increase consumer facetime, or improve overall business profits? It could also be a little mix of all three. Are you releasing a new product? Maybe this exhibit will contribute to market surveys? Or perhaps it is an opportunity to dole out promotional offers to drive traffic to the business.

Bottom line, determining the purpose for attending this exhibition will assist in tailoring the marketing framework to that respective intent.
Determine the design approach.

Stands. Widgets, gadgets, and gizmos. Audience interactions. Giveaway opportunities. Marketing brochures. All of these ideas are individually lucrative, but when each approach is coupled with another the opportunity for success is amplified substantially.

Consider each of the options for promoting the business at the exhibition. However, it is wise to review the event overview information prior to completing the design ensuring that all necessary equipment is available and allowed for use at the event. Also, when designing visual displays, keep the message brief and to the point. Too many words complicate the design and the intent of the presentation.

Show me the money!

Obviously if a company could give away free cars like Oprah Winfrey then everyone in the world would probably be driving new Mercedes on the streets. Unfortunately, reality is a harsh factor and forces businesses to become a little more creative…on a budget.

Lay out design considerations prior to producing material and determine the upfront costs implicit to preparing for this event with respect to your design approach. Additionally, consider the backend financial opportunity as well. It may be worth the initial cost to increase consumer traffic and drive profits higher.

Publicise. Broadcast. Announce. Expose.

What is the point of preparing for an event, smiling all evening long, and handing out a few marketing materials if the event only brings in a few individuals? Obviously the event planners will advertise and promote the occasion to some extent but this shouldn’t limit you to just their strategy.

Reach out on your company’s social media channels, print and post flyers, and tell every joe blow you come in contact with about this exhibition. Increasing the foot traffic for the event is inherently mutually beneficial for both the organisers and your company.

Distribute free recognisable and memorable material

On the day of the event, it is always advisable to be personable and relatable to the audience members. However, is it guaranteed they are going to remember your company and products? No. Not the slightest.

Be smarter than the average company and ensure marketing material is passed out on the day of the event. As an example, rocket fuel companies have been known to imprint their logo onto solid fuel material used for space shuttles. It goes without saying, but be as creative as possible…and keep flammables away from combustibles.