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Social media isn’t a novel concept nor is it an untapped resource. Riddle me this though, why are there still companies either not leveraging this marketing resource (shame on them) or not utilising these resources effectively (just as unforgivable)? I mean, lets be honest, marketing through these products is easy. Simply create an account representing your company, make a few posts a week, and watch the exposure grow! Wrong. Dead wrong. Take a moment to stew in your naivety.

Now that we’re beyond that moment of ignorance, lets tackle this topic. Exposure is the number one reason companies utilise social media networks. Social network channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Periscope, and Twitter allow direct contact to a company’s consumer base with a simple post. Now what is the perceived conundrum here with jumping into the deep end and signing up for one (or more) of these accounts?

You need a consumer base. Here is where the “efficiency” factor comes into play. Follow the guidelines below outlining how to effectively and “efficiently” generate a following thus creating the exposure desired.

Don’t post pictures of kittens…focus on valuable content

Yes, kittens are adorable. Will they create one million LOYAL followers? Arguably not. So what should you focus on when creating content? That, ladies and gentlemen, is the golden question. Perceived expertise, whether valid or not, is the number one factor in driving traffic to a social media account. Content quality is one crucial method for producing perceived expertise.

Quality content revolves around the customer. Before creating a post, ask yourself whether or not this is information desired by those interested in the industry. If not, go back to the drawing board and rehash the content.

Customer interaction leads to invaluable insights

How do you know what a customer desires? Interact with them! Online forums exist where people rant and rave over products, information quality, services, etc. Dive into the internet and discover what a consumer base needs. For instance, articles simply clarifying information can have a significant impact if it simplifies someone’s life. Additionally, consider posting relevant trends in your company’s particular industry. This demonstrates knowledge and command of the field.

Timing is everything

What time do most people go to work? What time do they typically have lunch? Ever thought about when they leave work or have dinner or go to bed? Human beings are naturally consistent people, each with their own individual routines. What is interesting is that society itself has general trends and routines as well. Why is this important?

Submitting a post in between particular hours of the day will generally prove beneficial by maximising viewing exposure or detrimental due to limited viewing exposure. Timing of each post is a critical component when attempting to generate the most exposure. Consider societal trends and determine what timeframe best works for your industry. Hint: don’t forget about time zones in other countries!

Quickly create exposure with flash promotions

Have you ever seen the advertisements saying something to the effect of “share this link and earn a chance to win X product”? That is a flash promotion. Activities such as these, with a well chosen prize, can generate quick (but TRANSIENT) exposure for any company. Ensure your social media account’s account has established quality content to review otherwise customers won’t be interested beyond the promotion.