Video content has morphed into a media of boundless possibilities all targeting one thing: personalised customer content. As markets changed and technology grew, the use of these products has grown exponentially. Companies no longer simply advertise products in short clips. The approach now is to deliver as much visual content as possible but focused on a customer’s needs. Below are video categories to consider when attempting to spruce up your customer relations and drive traffic to your business.
Product videos

Long gone are the days where companies can simply post photos of products with elaborate (and lengthy!) details. Instead, a new wave of product videos are being released and are shaking things up. Why are these types of videos successful? A short video displaying various angles of a product combined with genuine narration about the product’s features engages customers on a more personal level. Plus, instead of taking 5 to 10 minutes reading a product overview, customers are able to watch a short clip, say 2 to 3 minutes which visually hits the important highlights.

How-to videos

These types of videos are phenomenal for indirectly driving traffic to a company’s products. The purpose of this video category is to solve a customer’s problem via detailed how-to content. Instead of selling a product to the audience, focus on solving their particular conundrum via the use of your own products. This will pay remarkable dividends in your conversion rates.

Walkthrough product videos

Change is inevitable in life and business. Company’s release new products regularly as well as upgrade and reinvent old products. Visual layouts may be altered. Service capabilities might be removed or added. Along with these types of changes generally comes confusion, uncertainty, and oftentimes frustration.

A neat method to minimise any impact from frustration as well as quickly educate your customer base on new products is to product a walkthrough video of the new product and features. When creating these types of videos, customer perspective is the key to a successful approach. Think of common case scenarios that a customer might face and record that scenario while slowly narrating the step-by-step process.

Social proofing with testimonials

Trust is a necessary ingredient in developing a brand with a loyal customer base. Once created though, company’s can move mountains. But how do you move a potential customer to a loyal customer category? This process is commonly referred to as social proofing. When a customer lands on a website for the first time, there is no loyalty. Video content with loyal customer testimonials is an ideal option to boost the probability of further enlarging your loyal customer base.

Forget text FAQ, use screencasts

Nowadays FAQ pages have become rather lengthy attempts to minimise trending customer service complaints. Changing settings, updating passwords, and unsubscribing are all examples of typical questions. Additionally, these pages are peppered with basic screenshots attempting to remedy the situation.

Instead of following the same playbook as every other company, create screencasts to answer each FAQ. These visual solutions are more creative and present a personable approach to an already frustrated customer. Plus, quite frankly, most people learn better visually anyways.

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